About Us

About East Bay Innovations

East Bay Innovations (EBI) is a private non-profit organization providing services to people throughout Alameda County. When we first opened our doors in 1994, our founder had one goal: To empower individuals with developmental disabilities by offering personalized support so they can live in their homes and take part in the community. Today, our mission remains the same.

At East Bay Innovations, we differentiate ourselves from other agencies by providing support that allows people to learn about their abilities, take control of their lives and speak up about their preferences. Our philosophy is to understand each of our client's hopes and aspirations, as well as their need for support. Then, we work in partnership with our client, their family and close friends to provide services that reflect what the individual wants. We believe this kind of support empowers individuals to unleash their true potential, and live a more happy, fulfilling life.

Our Mission

To arrange and provide personalized support that enables individuals with disabilities to live in their own homes, work in jobs of their choosing, and feel a sense of membership in their community.

Services We Offer

The programs we offer are not a cookie cutter kind of service. We work with individuals to personalize their service, so it meets their unique needs.

Supported Living Services offer clients the chance to live independently in their own homes. Assistants empower clients to make choices, take risks and advocate for the resources they need to live as independently as possible.

Independent Living Services offer clients the chance to learn more life skills, so they can gain increased independence. Instructors teach various skills, including grocery shopping, planning a meal, making a budget, and staying fit.

Supported Employment Services offer clients a chance to work within their communities. Job Developers assist people in finding jobs that best reflect their strengths, gifts, and needs for support. Job Coaches provide customized on the job training once the person is hired and fade back slowly as the person gains independence.

Employee Benefits

We value our employees and the passion they exude for our clients. As a result, EBI offers health benefits to employees working 30 hours or more per week. Dental benefits are available for employees working 40 hours per week, with a 120 day benefit waiting period. And we offer 401(k) retirement plan opportunities to all employees. EBI is also unionized with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).